Foreign Exchange Rates

Need some Canadian currency converted to foreign funds? Or maybe you have foreign currency that you want changed to Canadian funds. Let us help you do the math.

These exchange rates are subject to change without notice. To take advantage of these rates, phone our Contact Centre at 1-888-517-7000 or visit a Coast Capital Savings branch.

Foreign Exchange Rate (Rates effective 3-Mar-15) Member Buy Member Sell
United Kingdom (Pound) - Cash 1.9930 1.8630
United States (Dollar) - Cash 1.2700 1.2200
United States (Dollar) - Cheque 1.2700 1.2230
Euro - Cash 1.4661 1.3239

For Annual Foreign Exchange averages, please refer to the Bank of Canada website.

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Rates are subject to change without notice.

*Average rates are cited from the Bank of Canada website