'Cause you're the boss

One of the trickiest parts of getting a mortgage is choosing your rate. Usually you get to choose between a fixed and a variable rate. With the You're the Boss™ Mortgage you still have those options, plus there's one more: the Half & Half Rate. All three come with a 5-year term.

Here's how it works

  • Your rate will be lower than a fixed rate but won’t rise (or fall) as fast as a variable rate.
  • If the prime rate changes, the Half & Half Rate only moves by half the change to prime.
  • If you change your mind you have the option to convert to a fixed rate mortgage at any time.
  • Even though you get the advantages of both variable and fixed rates, it’s only one mortgage. Which means only one payment.

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For residential first mortgages only. Interest rate and approval based on risk profile. Additional fees may apply. High ratio mortgages, non-residential mortgages and non-owner occupied properties are not eligible. The Half & Half Rate™ is a variable rate. When the Coast Capital Savings prime rate goes up or down, the Half & Half Rate goes up or down by one-half of the change in the prime rate.