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Featured 5-Year Fixed Rate

This mortgage is available as a Members Get It™ Mortgage. That means you’ll get a great rate, comparable to those at the banks. You also won’t have to choose between homeownership and saving, because you’ll get up to $1,000 in Help Extras™ – and more Help Extras when you renew down the road.


This mortgage is a great choice for short-term budgeters who don’t want to worry about rate changes.

Our Featured 5-Year Fixed Rate is subject to some conditions. Please contact us for details.

Why choose the Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage?

  • Provides stability with a fixed rate and payments for the life of the term
  • Choose from 1 to 10-year terms
  • Lower rates than an open mortgage
  • You can still pay more towards your mortgage (up to 20% the principal) once a year
    on the anniversary date
  • Available with up to $500,000 life and disability insurance
  • Make this a Multi-Purpose Mortgage

Closed Fixed Mortgage Rates

Rates effective February 05, 2016 Interest Rate
1-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 2.250%1
2-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 2.300%1
3-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 2.550%1
4-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 2.690%1
5-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 2.840%1
6-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.340%1
7-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.490%1
8-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 4.190%1
9-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 4.250%1
10-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 4.390%1

Want even more flexible features? Check out our You're The Boss Mortgage™.

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  1. Closed, residential first mortgages only. Interest rate and approval based on risk profile. Additional fees may apply. If fees apply, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) could increase. Rates subject to change without notice.
  2. Initial interest rate and APR, compounded monthly.
  3. The APR, compounded semi-annually.
  4. Some conditions apply for Help Extras. Contact us for details.

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