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15-Month GIC

Investing for the short term? The long term? Or some cosmic term that only arrives on Groundhog’s Day? Either way, we’ve got the term deposit for you. Our term deposits are available from 1 month to 5 years. We guarantee the rates throughout the life of the term, so you have peace of mind. 

Key features

*  1 month to 5 years terms
*  Have the interest paid out or enjoy compound interest
*  Only need $1,000 to get started

Apply online

To open a term deposit, log in to Online Banking and click Open an Account. Or call 1-888-517-7000 Mon-Sat, 8am-8pm.

Need money now? All long-term GICs give you the option to have the interest deposited directly to your account every month or once a year. Or, keep it in the term and enjoy the power of compound.

Additional deposit features

  • Short-term GICs pay interest at maturity. Long-term GICs pay interest at maturity or to an account every month or every year.
  • You’re automatically renewed at the current rate for the same term
  • Available as an RRSP, RRIF, RESP, and TFSA
  • Short-term GIC available in US funds
  • This is the most helpful product for you if
      you want to choose the exact length of the term, to mature right before the closing date, on your new home, for example.
      you want income from the interest on your investment

*Interest rate subject to change without notice and calculated on a per annum basis.


Prime Rate
Effective September 09, 2010
Prime Rate 3.000%
Foreign Exchange
Effective April 23, 2014
US Dollar Buy 1.1290
US Dollar Sell 1.0790
UK Pound Buy 1.9420
UK Pound Sell 1.8020
Euro Buy 1.6043
Euro Sell 1.4487
Effective April 02, 2014
Mortgage rate and approval based on risk profile. Additional fees may apply.
3-Yr Fixed Closed 3.150%
5-Yr Fixed Closed 3.650%
3-Yr Convertible 2.800%
5-Yr Half & Half Rate 3.300%
Term Deposits
Effective March 05, 2014
Better-than-cash™ GIC 1.450%
1-Year 1.550%
15-Month GIC 1.650%
5 year 2.250%
VISA Credit Cards
Additional fees may apply.
Low Rate Modulo GOLD 9.9%
Travel Odyssey GOLD 19.4%
Effective March 05, 2014
Better-than-cash™ RRSP 1.450%
1 year 1.550%
15-Month 1.650%
5 year 2.250%