Mutual funds play an important role in a well diversified investment portfolio. As pools of professionally managed investments, they offer the potential for greater returns than traditional fixed term deposits, and are one of the best solutions to get your portfolio growing faster. While mutual fund investments are not guaranteed, there are many different funds available with varying degrees of risk and potential for high returns.

Key features

*  Not locked in, you can buy or sell mutual funds at any time
*  Minimum deposits of $500 or less
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With literally thousands of mutual funds available, choosing the right ones to invest in can be confusing and time consuming. We can help. Coast Capital Savings offers a full range of mutual funds, including industry leaders such as CI, Mackenzie, AIM Trimark, Franklin Templeton, AGF, and Dynamic.

Additional features

  • You can set up regular automatic deposits as low as $50 a month
  • This is the most helpful product for you if
    • you have 5 to 10 years to build your investments.
    • you are looking for alternative investments with the potential for higher returns.

Mutual funds provided by

Worldsource Financial Management

Important legal disclaimer


Worldsource Financial Management Inc. provides service and advice related to mutual funds. Mutual fund values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be related with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus carefully before investing.

The Low-fee, More-for-me Mutual Funds.


Prime Rate
Effective September 09, 2010
Prime Rate 3.000%
Foreign Exchange
Effective April 22, 2014
US Dollar Buy 1.1280
US Dollar Sell 1.0780
UK Pound Buy 1.9450
UK Pound Sell 1.8050
Euro Buy 1.5983
Euro Sell 1.4433
Effective April 02, 2014
Mortgage rate and approval based on risk profile. Additional fees may apply.
3-Yr Fixed Closed 3.150%
5-Yr Fixed Closed 3.650%
3-Yr Convertible 2.800%
5-Yr Half & Half Rate 3.300%
Term Deposits
Effective March 05, 2014
Better-than-cash™ GIC 1.450%
1-Year 1.550%
15-Month GIC 1.650%
5 year 2.250%
VISA Credit Cards
Additional fees may apply.
Low Rate Modulo GOLD 9.9%
Travel Odyssey GOLD 19.4%
Effective March 05, 2014
Better-than-cash™ RRSP 1.450%
1 year 1.550%
15-Month 1.650%
5 year 2.250%