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Our You're the Boss™ Mortgage is full of flexible features designed to put you back in charge of your inner monster. Because saying hello to a mortgage shouldn't mean saying goodbye to life as you know it.

Why choose the You're the Boss Mortgage?

  • With Save and Take™ Payments you can put extra money toward your mortgage and
    take it out any time
  • You can make extra payments to help you pay your mortgage down faster and incur
    less interest
  • On a 5-year term, you get to choose between a fixed or variable rate and our
    Half & Half™ Rate - which gives you the advantages of both
  • You can skip a payment once a year, no questions asked
  • Your down payment will be at least 20% of the value of the home you want to buy
  • You can make this a Multi-Purpose Mortgage

Voted "Mortgage of the Year" by Canadian Mortgage Trends

Check out these educational videos about the features of the You're the Boss Mortgage.

The Half & Half™ Rate
Learn how it works

The Half & Half Rate

Save and Take Payments™
Learn how they work

Save and Take Payments

You're the Boss™ Mortgage Rates

Rates effective April 02, 2014 Interest Rate
5-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.750%1
5-Year Variable - Closed 2.900%3
5-Year Half & Half™ Rate 3.300%2

Haggle-free Guarantee®

All our mortgages come with our Haggle-free Guarantee. We’ve taken the negotiation out of the mortgage process, so we’ll automatically offer you the best rate possible based on your risk profile. You’ll find our Haggle-free Rates are very competitive. And you won’t have to work to get them.

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For residential first mortgages only. Interest rate and approval based on risk profile. Additional fees may apply. Interest rates effective April 02, 2014 and subject to change without notice. High ratio mortgages, non-residential mortgages and non-owner occupied properties are not eligible. 1Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on a 5-year closed mortgage, compounded semi-annually. If fees or charges apply, the APR could increase. 2Initial interest rate and the APR on a 5-year Half & Half™ Rate mortgage, closed mortgage, calculated monthly. The Half & Half Rate is a variable rate. When the Coast Capital Savings’ prime rate goes up or down, the Half & Half Rate goes up or down by one-half of the change in the prime rate. APR fluctuates with Coast Capital Savings’ prime rate. If fees or charges apply, the APR could increase.3Initial interest rate and the APR on a 5-year convertible, closed mortgage, compounded monthly. This is a variable rate product which will fluctuate with the Coast Capital Savings prime rate. If fees or charges apply, the APR could increase.

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