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2-Year Closed Fixed

This is a great choice for short-term budgeters who don’t want to worry about rate changes.

Right now our 2-Year Closed Fixed Mortgage Rate is only 2.70%1.

Why choose the Closed Fixed Rate Mortgage?

  • Provides stability with a fixed rate and payments for the life of the term
  • Choose from 1 to 10-year terms
  • Lower rates than an open mortgage
  • You can still pay more towards your mortgage (up to 20% the principal) once a year
    on the anniversary date
  • Available with up to $500,000 life and disability insurance
  • Make this a Multi-Purpose Mortgage

Closed Fixed Mortgage Rates

Rates effective April 02, 2014 Interest Rate
1-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 2.890%1
2-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 2.700%1
3-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.150%1
4-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.250%1
5-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.650%1
6-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.750%1
7-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 3.950%1
8-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 4.190%1
9-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 4.250%1
10-Year Fixed Rate - Closed 4.390%1

Haggle-free Guarantee®

All our mortgages come with our Haggle-free Guarantee. We’ve taken the negotiation out of the mortgage process, so we’ll automatically offer you the best rate possible based on your risk profile. You’ll find our Haggle-free Rates are very competitive. And you won’t have to work to get them.

Want even more flexible features? Check out our You're The Boss Mortgage™.

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1 For residential first mortgages only. Interest rate and approval based on risk profile. Additional fees may apply. Annual Percentage Rate (APR), compounded semi-annually. If fees or charges apply, the APR could increase. Interest rates effective April 02, 2014 and subject to change without notice.

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