BC Day Holiday Hours

Please note, all of our Coast Capital Savings locations will be closed from Saturday, July 30 to Monday, August 1 for BC day while we take in
the beautiful BC landscape from the top of a mountain. Anyone know how to get back down? For Coast Capital Insurance hours, click here.

Canada Post Service Disruption

In the event of a Canada Post service disruption, all outgoing mail (including statements, new member cards and cheque orders) will be held until Canada Post service resumes. To avoid delays and ensure payments are made on time, we encourage you to use Coast Capital's alternative channels for your day-to-day banking needs. More...


You’re looking for some money.

The type of borrowing product you need depends on what you need to buy, and how you want to repay. Yes, you have to repay.

Personal Loans

Sometimes you need extra money. Like to buy a laptop. Or build a shrine to Elvis in your bedroom. Hey, we’re not here to judge.

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Auto Loans & Leasing

Whether you’re buying a new sports car or used commuter, our Auto Financing team can help.

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RRSP Loans

Short of cash? Consider an RRSP loan. Whether it’s for your first-ever RRSP contribution, to help make your annual contribution, or to "top up" unused contribution room from past years, we’ve got the RRSP loan solution.

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Lines of Credit

Be a loan shark to yourself. With a CoastLine personal line of credit attached to your chequing account, you can write yourself a loan anywhere, anytime. Just remember to pay yourself back, because you know where you live.

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Your Credit Report

You want a solid credit rating, but paying your bills on time isn’t always enough. Sometimes mistakes may creep in that affect your credit rating. That’s why we recommend you check your credit report at least once a year.


Here’s what it will cost to get some money from us.

Looking for business borrowing?