Community Sponsorships

We give more than our logo.

While recognition is awesome, we believe community sponsorships are just another way we can support programs and events that help build a richer future for youth.

We help organizations that:

  • are non-profit societies, co-ops or have an approved sponsor organization
  • demonstrate a strong need for the event that is proposed for funding
  • demonstrate a strong track record, organizational capacity and the ability to complete their project
  • propose events that are free or low-cost
  • propose events that engage a significant number of youth in one or more of the communities where we do business: the Fraser Valley, Metro Vancouver, Vancouver Island and Kelowna

We're not able to help with:

  • religious or controversial activities
  • political parties or affiliated activities
  • individuals seeking funding
  • deficit funding
  • retroactive funding
  • events outside Coast Capital Savings' market area
  • healthcare, health events, medical equipment, therapy or counselling services
  • capital campaigns, office equipment and furniture purchases, travel costs, or the creation and publication of books, videos, brochures or websites (unless these are components of a larger project)
Sorry, we're no longer accepting applications for 2018 Community Sponsorships.

2018 Sponsorship Timelines

Sponsorship Application Intake

January 15 – January 31

Notification of funding

March 31


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