Board Committees

The Board delegates specific tasks to five standing committees and one special purpose committee. Each committee can draw upon the resources of the CEO and other members of management as appropriate, and may engage outside advisors as required.

The Board determines the authority and responsibilities of each committee and approves the charters annually. Committees regularly schedule in-camera sessions, make recommendations to the Board and, with the exception of the Nominations Committee, report regularly to the Board.

Audit & Finance Committee

Ensures the quality, integrity, reliability, accuracy and clarity of the financial reporting and ensures sound internal controls are in place, implemented and maintained. The committee is the liaison between internal audit and other internal resources, the external auditors and the Board of Directors.

Committee members for 2017-2018: Bob Armstrong, Chair; Valerie Lambert and Glenn Wong. Bill Cooke (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.

Read the Audit & Finance Committee Charter

Governance & Community Engagement Committee

Provides a focus on Board governance that enhances the credit union’s performance for the benefit of all stakeholders. It promotes and enhances Board governance, community and member relations, and director education, knowledge, skills, and abilities. The committee recommends to the Board an annual evaluation process for individual directors, the Board as a whole, committees, and the Board Chair and Committee Chairs.

The committee approves and monitors the Community Leadership Strategy for alignment to the Community Pillar of Coast Capital’s Corporate Strategy.

Committee members for 2017-2018: Chris Trumpy, Chair; Frank Leonard and Shauna Turner. Bill Cooke (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.

Read the Governance & Community Engagement Committee Charter

Human Resources Committee

Ensures human resources policies are in place, implemented, and maintained. The committee reviews and recommends policy and strategy with respect to employee salaries, benefits, and incentive compensation, and succession planning for senior management. It engages an outside advisor to assist in the determination and approval of executive compensation and directs the annual evaluation process for CEO performance. The Human Resources Committee also acts as the Conduct Review Committee as prescribed in the Financial Institutions Act.

Committee members for 2016-2017: Christian Morrison, Chair;Bob Armstrong, and Frank Leonard. Bill Cooke (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.

Read the Human Resources Committee Charter

Risk Review Committee

Ensures policies and related internal controls are in place to manage risks to which the organization is exposed, including credit risk, investment and market risk, liquidity and funding risk, operational risk, insurance risk, regulatory and legal risk, and reputational risk. Risk Review Committee fulfills the functions of the Investment & Loan Committee as prescribed by section 135 of the Financial Institutions Act.

Committee members for 2017-2018: Robin Chakrabarti, Chair; Valerie Lambert, Shauna Turner, Glenn Wong and Bruce Schouten (Interim CEO). Bill Cooke (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.

Read the Risk Review Committee Charter

Nominations Committee

Under the Rules of the credit union, operates independently of the Board to ensure there is an appropriate number of recommended and qualified nominees for election to the Board of Directors – the minimum number being those vacancies to be filled. The committee also oversees, organizes, and administers the election of directors to the Board. The committee reports directly to the members.

Committee members for 2017-2018: : Frank Leonard, Chair; Robin Chakrabarti and Mary Jordan. Bill Cooke (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.

Read the Nominations Committee Charter

Strategic Initiatives Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to provide a forum to discuss with a select group of Directors, significant strategic and tactical issues prior to the presentation of a formal recommendation to the full Board for approval. The Committee may conduct all of its meetings In Camera if it was determined necessary.

Committee members for 2017-2018: Mary Jordan, Chair; Christian Morrison and Chris Trumpy. Bill Cooke (Board Chair) is a voting ex officio member of the Committee.