Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Please note, all of our Coast Capital Savings locations are closed from Saturday, October 10 to Monday, October 12 for Thanksgiving.
Coast Capital Insurance locations are closed on Monday, October 12. We’re all wearing our stretchy pants. Bring on the feast!

Business Borrowing

Lines of Credit

Enjoy the operating flexibility and freedom of a revolving Line of Credit.

Business Loans

Short of cash to finance your operations? Consider a term loan rather than waiting for that winning lotto ticket.


Always wanted to be Donald Trump minus the bad hair? We can help you find the money your business needs to begin investing in a property or construct one.

Letters of Credit

A letter of credit from a financial institution guarantees that a payment will be made to a third party on time and for the correct amount.

Equipment Financing

Whether you are looking for a single piece of equipment or a complete fleet, finding the right financing is as important as finding the right equipment.

Looking for personal borrowing?