Thanksgiving Holiday Hours

Please note, all of our Coast Capital Savings locations are closed from Saturday, October 10 to Monday, October 12 for Thanksgiving.
Coast Capital Insurance locations are closed on Monday, October 12. We’re all wearing our stretchy pants. Bring on the feast!

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September 22 – Creative ways to keep spending in check

There are lots of great reasons to cut spending, whether it’s to reduce debt levels or to achieve a savings goal. Here are some creative ways you can cut spending:

  • Start by tracking your spending to find those areas where you’re spending more than you realize. Write down absolutely every purchase for a month, whether you pay by cash, debit or credit, and see where your money is going.
  • To remove temptation, unsubscribe to all digital retail emails, catalogs and social media notifications from retailers. And just stay away from the mall if you can.
  • Is there something you really need, like an outfit for a special occasion? Try asking your friends if they have something you could borrow.
  • Frequenting thrift stores and garage sales can provide some retail therapy for a fraction of the price.
  • If everyone in your household has a cell phone, maybe it’s time to forgo the home phone. While you’re at it, maybe Netflix has replaced your need to subscribe to TV cable.
  • Look at how much you’re paying in banking fees. Many credit unions – including Coast Capital Savings – offer free accounts and lower fees. And don’t forget, our ATMs are ding-free!

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