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April 22 – Online safety and security

It is top of mind right now as the full impact of the recently discovered Heartbleed Bug comes to light. Thankfully, Coast Capital was not impacted as our systems do not rely on the SSL technology that has been implicated in the breach, However, the news of the most recent online threat provides a great opportunity to refresh on the proactive things we can all do to keep ourselves safe.

Password protection. It is suggested that you change your password on any of the sites that have been affected by the Heartbleed bug, but it is good practice to change all of your passwords on a fairly regular basis.

Password strength. Make them long and strong – include lower and upper-case letters mixed with letters and symbols. I have heard of people chosing a phrase and changing the o’s to zeros.

Password creation. And, while we are on the password topic, ensure that you have unique passwords for each of your accounts. If someone gets a password that will take them from your online banking to your email to your CRA profile, which makes the theives job exceptionally easy.

If you have trouble remembering all those passwords – there are some great options for password management software.

Security level. Ensure you are aware of and on top of the level of security the websites that you use have. Where you can, set your security settings to the highest possible level. You don’t have to share your info with anyone and everyone that asks.

Be sure to check your credit score regularly. If someone is using your info, that is where it is going to show up - mortgages and loans you didn’t apply for, racked up credit cards, bills that have gone to collections. It is prudent to check in on that regularly so that there are no surprises when you go to access your credit.

Your information may not have been compromised by the Heartbleed bug that cause last week’s hysteria, but it has certainly provided a great opportunity to remind us of the risks that come with taking our business online and how to protect ourselves.

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